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Why Partner with MTM

MTM is looking for partners. We will grow together with partners, and work together in the field of digital data consolidation, market development, resource sharing, and mutual benefit and win–win, to be a professional company with a century-old reputation.

In the future, MTM will open up more overseas business channels through different operation and promotion models, carry out multilateral cooperation models, and provide technology or brand cooperation with other enterprises to jointly develop and promote new products.

MTM continuously looks for overseas partners marketing products and solutions to achieve mutual benefit and a win-win situation

Implement the regional allocation policy & Equal business opportunities

Provide regional on–site and Singapore headquarters training to help business

Perfect project landing profit-sharing system. Mutual benefit, and win-win

Regional exhibition assistance and support, assisting in building an industry exchange platform

Provide product free trial opportunities to help better understand product features

Maintenance costs are settled locally to increase actual revenue value

Develop exclusive case needs to help solve customer problems, and improve word of mouth and overall service image

24/7 consultation and response online, and satisfaction of other reasonable demands

David Chow
Focus on Digital Forensics

Focus on Digital Forensics Frontline law enforcement officers, governments and corporations in administrations around the world rely on MTM to meet their needs. MTM is the professional factory source of forensics tool suppliers, providing a wide range of forensic software, hardware and customized solutions that are efficient, reliable and easy to use.
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