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Moebius Technology S.T.O.R.M

Moebius Technology (Singapore PTE) LTD- S.T.O.R.M, referred to as MTM for short, is a software development company specializing in digital forensics in Singapore. MTM aims to assist law enforcement agencies, especially on-site individual law enforcement personnel, in rapid and legal evidence recovery, extraction, authentication, and analysis.

MTM’s technology and services are highly competitive, and evidence collection complies with the standards of most countries and regions around the world. Not only support 24/7 remote online real-time and customized services but at a price well below the average market price as well. MTM is committed to exploring and expanding the applications of new technologies and continues to provide more professional software for the needs of on-site extraction, authentication, and analysis of video surveillance, mobile phones, computers, servers, and industrial control equipment.

In the long-term process of providing services to front-line law enforcement, MTM has provided professional and highly competitive laboratory solutions and services for global law enforcement agencies and law enforcement officers.

David Chow
Focus on Digital Forensics

Focus on Digital Forensics Frontline law enforcement officers, governments and corporations in administrations around the world rely on MTM to meet their needs. MTM is the professional factory source of forensics tool suppliers, providing a wide range of forensic software, hardware and customized solutions that are efficient, reliable and easy to use.
Moebius Technology(Singapore PTE)LTD- S.T.O.R.M(MTM)