Crime Scene Forensics

MTM Laptop Docking Station for Forensics

  • - Folding design, lightweight and portable

  • - High-speed transmission, read/write protection

  • - Multiple interfaces for easy reading

  • - Metal material, more rugged



Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?

(1) Case investigation on-site forensics analysis (Law Enforcement Agencies)

In scenarios such as on-site investigation and out-of-field investigation, a laptop can be used to access the MTM Laptop Docking Station for Forensics to provide efficient data collection and analysis for case investigation and quickly obtain key clues of the case.

Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?

(2) Enterprise Audit Investigation (Enterprise)

Enterprise internal audit department, accounting or auditing organizations can use MTM Laptop Docking Station for Forensics to read and collect enterprise data, which is convenient for auditors to proofread and review the data.

Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?

(3) Research and Education (Schools and Public Interest Organizations)

Facilitates lightweight layout of forensics laboratories and expands additional forensics analysis workbench within limited budget and space. Provides professional teaching equipment for forensics and computer subjects in colleges and universities

Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?

(4) Data Reading and Recovery (Personal)

Use MTM now survey forensics laptop docking station to access the computer equipment installed with MTM data recovery series software. Can quickly complete the lost data recovery, repair, and in-depth investigation and analysis to reveal the reasons for data loss

Product features

Free Preview of Offline Outlook Data file

(1) Rich interface, support 50+ data drive

Supports SAS/SATA hard disk, SD card, TF card, USB3.0, IDE, PCI-E, M.2 solid state drives, Blu-ray Disc (Blu-ray Disc or BD) and other equipment access forensics, and MTM forensics software is perfectly compatible with the investigators to meet the forensics needs of a variety of equipment.

Recover MDF & NDF Files

(2) High-speed read and write, the fastest read and write speed of 7Gbps

Supports high-speed reading and writing, with a theoretical comprehensive rate of up to 7Gbps, supports high-speed reading and writing of SAS/SATA hard drives, and supports high-speed reading and writing of M.2 solid-state drives, meeting the needs of data transmission efficiency and methods during forensics investigations.

Recover Deleted Records

(3) Professional read and write blocking

Digital forensic investigators, technicians and attorneys can view and image data drives without changing their contents, preventing electronic evidence from being lost or tampered with maliciously or accidentally, and ensuring that the forensic process complies with electronic data forensic industry standards and judicial requirements.

Fix SQL Database Corruption Errors

(4) Portable design, simple and efficient

Conveniently arranged in the forensics laboratory, to complete the laboratory forensics capabilities to expand. Innovative small size folding design, easy to put into the backpack, easy to carry when investigators go out to law enforcement. Access operation is simple, support through the Thunderbolt interface to connect different models of laptop or desktop computers, the overall cost is lower than the expensive forensics all-in-one machine.

Preview of Database Objects

(5) New material, high-precision technology

Aluminum-magnesium alloy shell to ensure strong and lightweight; nano-scale high-precision CNC machining process combined with anodic oxidation surface treatment, challenging the extreme environment of the investigation site.

SQL Server Data Recovery

(6) Information security, multiple protection

Data information only exists in the user's computer equipment, MTM Laptop Docking Station for Forensics does not retain any data information, at the same time on the storage device connected to the read-only interface to carry out strict write restrictions, to ensure the safety of data in the storage media.


(1) Former Supervisor of the Police Equipment Management Center of the Police Department Jacob (American Male)
(2) Mischka, Forensic Expert, Digital Forensics Lab Hamburg (German, Male)
(3) Betsy (American or Singaporean Female), Head of Audit Department, a multinational company in Singapore

Technical specifications

  • 1. Equipment connected to the power supply

  • 2. Through the TYPE-C Thunderbolt cable, connect to a computer that supports the Thunderbolt interface

  • 3. Install the read-only driver

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We ship directly from our factory or warehouse in Singapore to the customer's country area, usually within 2 weeks. However, due to different transportation conditions and logistics policies in different countries and regions, we cannot guarantee the delivery time.
You only need a computer with normal Windows system to connect the MTM Laptop Docking Station for Forensics. However, we recommend Windows 7 and above.
The MTM Laptop Docking Station for Forensics supports all ports at the same time.
In normal use of MTM Laptop Docking Station for Forensics, reading on the ports labeled as read-only will not destroy or overwrite the data. However, it is not recommended to use it in unconventional environments such as under water, in low voltage mode, or under severe shaking, as some of the storage media may be damaged due to movement, water ingress, or non-compliance with electrical parameters.
You can look for a computer with a suitable Thunderbolt interface device to connect to our products. Or find a suitable Type-C adapter for your computer.

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