MTM Database Recovery


Designed to assist in recovering lost or corrupted database from the government, enterprise, and judicial sectors.

  • Quickly backup and restore MySQL and SQLServer
  • Supports databases created by Windows and Linux systems
  • Efficient functions of damaged database repair and deleted database recovery
  • Recovers multiple database objects, including tables, views, functions, stored procedures and triggers.

Application scenarios

Rescue Data: Recovering Enterprise Databases Suffering from Disasters
Extracting Data: Exporting Key Evidence to Investigate Criminal Cases
Browse Data: Validating Data to Resolve Legal Disputes


Free Preview of Offline Outlook Data file

Support multiple MySQL database versions

Supports recovery of MySQL 5.6.x, 5.7.x, 8.0.0~8.0.26 versions.

Recover MDF & NDF Files

Support multiple SQLServer database versions

Supports recovery of SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 versions

Recover Deleted Records

Repair corrupt MYSQL database

Can repair various corrupted MySQL databases and recover data from inaccessible tables.

Fix SQL Database Corruption Errors

Repair deleted MYSQL database

Undelete formatted inaccessible MYSQL database.

Preview of Database Objects

Preview of Database Objects

This SQL server file recovery tool allows users to preview all information such as System Tables, User Tables for free, and displays the list of all recoverable items in a tree-like structure and the tables are listed in sorted manner.

SQL Server Data Recovery

Multiple database object recovery

Supports recovery of database tables, views, functions, stored procedures and triggers.

Multiple Saving Options

Repair MySQL database created on Linux

Copy the database file to the Windows system and use this product to restore the data.

Support and Compatibility

Supports two ways to export data

Supports exporting CSV files and exporting to databases.

Repair MS SQL Database on Linux

Guarantee data security

Ensure user data security at all times while using the software.


Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?
- Oliver P. Court Clerk

"After trying several database recovery software options, I can confidently say that this product stands out for its reliability. It can efficiently recover data from various forensic databases. This is a valuable tool for anyone.”

Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?
- Rachel M, District Judge

“Time is of the essence in the judicial system, and this software understands that. With its lightning-fast scanning and recovery processes, we have been able to retrieve crucial case data within minutes. Its intuitive interface and clear instructions make it accessible to all staff members. ”

Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?
- Keira M, Court Administrator

“As a judicial professional, data integrity is of utmost importance to me. MTM Database Recovery software has been instrumental in safeguarding and restoring our critical case information. Its thorough scanning algorithms and advanced recovery techniques have consistently delivered accurate results. ”

Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?
- Jay K., Government Cybersecurity Analyst

"After our government database was compromised by a devastating virus attack, we faced significant challenges in overcoming. However, MTM Database Recovery proved to be the ultimate solution. It successfully recovered our data. MTM undoubtedly saved us from a potential disaster!"

Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?
- Vanessa G., IT Manager at ByteFlow

"A database corruption issue recently affected our enterprise database and caused great concern. MTM Database Recovery efficiently recovered all our critical data of product and finance, ensuring minimal downtime and preventing any potential loss. "

Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?
- Suzanne A., Chief Technology Officer at infoLegal Services

" A catastrophic disk failure struck our enterprise system and sent us into a state of panic and uncertainty. Thanks to MTM Database Recovery, we were able to recover our vital data and resume operations without any significant setbacks."

Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?
A police officer from the Danish Police

"One of the unique things about MTM is that it’s collaborative, the interface is very investigator-friendly, and with minimal guidance from me, investigators can search the dataset and find what’s important to their investigation.”

Do Soundproof Panels Work Both Ways?
- Munich Law Firm, Germany

"We have experienced first-hand the quality, speed and versatility of MTM technology, allowing us to quickly and easily extract, recover, organize their data and automatically generate legal compliance reports, and trust MTM provides the most powerful data processing capabilities on the market."



  • Select the database that needs to be restored and start.


  • After the recovery is completed, preview the recovery results.


  • There are two options for exporting data:
  • ① Export to CSV file;
  • ② Export to database.


  • Operating systems: Windows10/8/7/2012/2008/2003 (x64)
  • Hardware requirements: Processor Intel i3 or above; memory (RAM) 4GB; hard disk space not less than 300Mb for installation
  • Language supported: English


MTM Database Recovery is designed to support databases commonly used in enterprise, government and judicial environments, including SQLServer and MySQL.
MTM Database Recovery is equipped with advanced algorithms and parallel processing capabilities that enable it to efficiently handle large-scale database recoveries, ensuring minimal downtime and faster recovery times.
Yes, MTM Database Recovery is capable of recovering both structured and unstructured data, ensuring that all types of critical information within the database are restored.
Yes, MTM Database Recovery ensures data security during the recovery process, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access.
Absolutely. MTM Database Recovery is designed to handle complex database corruption issues, including file system errors, hardware failures, logical errors, and more, providing comprehensive recovery solutions.
Yes, MTM Database Recovery provides backup and replication features, allowing users to create secure copies of their databases and replicate them for disaster recovery purposes.
The recovery time depends on various factors, such as the size of the database, the extent of corruption, and the system's resources. However, our recovery software is optimized for speed and efficiency, minimizing the recovery time as much as possible. Generally speaking, small databases can complete data recovery within 1 day.
Yes, MTM Database Recovery provides backup and replication features, allowing users to create secure copies of their databases and replicate them for disaster recovery purposes.
MTM Database Recovery is currently compatible with Windows operating systems only. However, a database file on Linux can be moved to the Windows system to use this product to restore it later.
One license code can only be used by one computer device. If you need to replace the device, you can first unbind the license code from the software on the original computer and then use it on the new computer.

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